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Drama, Acting, Theatre, and Performing Arts courses in London

Terms, Conditions, and Complaints' ProcedureMessage Her



If you want to transfer your deposit(s), to a later course date, we must receive your written instructions at least 42 days before your course was due to start.

If you want to cancel your course:
¢ more than 42 days before the course begins, you will only forfeit your deposit(s),
¢ less than 42 days before a course begins, you will forfeit all of your course fees and the same for your accommodation fees - if applicable. (We advise you to take up insurance in case of illness)

You cannot cancel the current course in progress.

You cannot transfer your deposit(s) or fees to another student.

NB. We advise you to insure against loss of fees in case you cannot attend the course, or if you have to terminate the course because of unexpected circumstances.


All students must be over 18 at the start of the course.

We cannot guarantee to run each of the optional modules.

We reserve the right to refuse admission, or to expel any student for unruly behaviour, in which case no fees will be refunded.

We are not responsible or liable for the loss of property, or for accidents.

Students on one-to-one courses must give minimum 24-hour notice of absence, if they do not want to forfeit their class.

NB. We advise you to take out insurance in your home country before you leave.

English law shall govern these terms and conditions, and in the event of a dispute the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


1. Michelle Newman, the Administrative Director, is designated Complaints Co-Ordinator.

2. In the event that you have a complaint, in the first instance you should bring it to the attention of the Complaints Co-Ordinator.

3. In the first instance the Complaints Co-Ordinator shall appoint a member of staff, who is not the subject of the complaint, to discuss matters with you in private, to hear whatever matters you wish to draw to that staff member's attention, and to decide upon the complaint.

4. In the event that you are dissatisfied with the staff member's decision, you may renew the complaint before the Complaints Co-Ordinator, who will hear in private your grievance and make a fresh and independent decision upon your complaint.

5. In the event that the complain involves allegations against the Complaints Co-Ordinator, the Complaints Co-Ordinator shall direct that the renewed hearing of the complaint shall be heard before one of the Course Directors, Sarah Mann or Natasha Langridge, who will hear in private your grievance and make a fresh and independent decision upon your complaint.




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Updated October 17, 2012