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Intensive and Personal Training in Language & Communication Skills

"Dear STAR TEK crew, I would like to thank all of you again for everything: for welcoming me in the family atmosphere of your school, giving me a high-class film studies education and a lot of amusing lessons in the LDT class. After a few weeks, I felt like home with you! Thank you very very much. Keep in touch." Flurina DŁenki, Switzerland

"At Star Tek, I've never felt that I studied English. Star Tek has just made me want to communicate and express myself in English more, and it was wonderful that I was able to have such a feeling." Mariko, Japan

"...The course was extremely helpful and it was great fun. I shall Ö be aware of where my voice should come from, and focus very much on the preparation..." Susan Beresford, Delegate at the European Commission, Brussels.

London Language School offers intensive language training in English, together with acting and improvisation workshops.

English Courses

Our part-time English courses are available in small tutorial groups. We give students the opportunity to combine an English language course with a drama course. (see English + Drama courses)

General English: English Grammar, writing, reading, listening, and intensive speaking practice

English courses Summer 2007

English courses part-time (10 hours per week) -Summer Term only.

English course + Drama (22 hours per week)

One-to-one English courses

Dates and times: by arrangement

Fees: £ 30 per hour

Intensive Speech-training & Public Speaking / Vocal Skills for Business Presentation courses and Workshops

English Pronunciation classes

English course with Acting and Theatre Studies course outline

Video Recording facilities

A warm and friendly atmosphere !

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London Drama School Administrative Director, Michelle Newman

The London Language and Drama School, STAR TEK associates, Directors are: Michelle Newman, an experienced English lecturer and a professional actress, and

Sarah Mann, a professional Actor, Director, Producer. and a Trinity Guildhall Examiner.

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English Teaching Team


Genral English Language Course

English Course and Drama

English Courses Fees

Public Speaking Workshops

Alexander Technique For Voice & Speech-training



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We combine Drama and TEFL techniques to help students acquire the confidence to express themselves in English in real-life, professional situations.

English Summer Courses 2007

Summer Term 06 2nd July to 31st August 07 (No 1/2 term break)

Course ISKET / A: 2nd July - 20th July 2007 (3 weeks - 22 hours per week)

Course ISKET / B: 23rd July - 10th August 2007 (3 weeks - 22 hours per week)

Course ISKET / C: 13th August - 31st August 2007 (3 weeks - 22 hours per week)


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