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Plays and Playwrights

Students study the background and environment in which individual plays have been conceived and produced.

The course is divided into three modules, with a range of optional studies also available.  Typically, students would tackle a play by:

learning about the playwright's background

reading dramatic criticism

studying key scenes in detail

acting them out

watching the film of the play

predicting the outcome of scenes before they are studied

bringing all the elements together by writing a review or appreciation of the play.


Shakespeare Workshop

Shakespeare in action: how to speak it, how to act it naturally, and how NOT TO BE AFRAID of it!


Acting Shakespeare plays at London Drama School

Please Note:

This subject is only available as an important component of our 1-year acting course and not on its own!





The London Drama School' s Artistic Director is Sarah Mann, a professional Actor, Director, and Producer.

London Drama School Administrative Director, Michelle Newman

The London Drama School' s Administrative Director and Course Co-ordinator is Michelle Newman

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Theatre course studies of Patricia


Shakespeare theatre course at the London Language and Drama School





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