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English Course with British Gardening


Course aims and objectives

The English (EFL) course with British Gardening aims to give students a theoretical as well as a practical understanding of gardening techniques, while giving them an oppportunity to improve their english language skills at the same time. This is achieved through the use of a textbook with writing assignments, along with extensive gardening workshops in STAR TEK associates' garden and greenhouse.

At the end of the English (EFL)course with British Gardening students will be able to:

Identify different types of plants (evergreen, deciduous, perennials, annuals...)

Plan and design a small to medium-size garden for all - year colour

Take care of and maintain a small to medium - size garden

Make use of and look after a medium-size greenhouse

Deal with some of the main problems resulting from pests and diseases

Plant up different types of containers

Effectively sow and propagate a wide range of annual and perennial flowers, as well as some shrubs

Understand soil management

Understand and practise Organic and Wildlife gardening

Use a wide variety of English structures and vocabulary.

Course materials:

Gardening Made Easy;The Royal Horticultural Society (.R.H.S.): Encyclopaedias of Gardening, of Garden Plants, of Herbs, Guides to Pests and Diseases(Pippa Greenwood), Organic Gardening, Plant Propagation, Growing Under Glass...; The Complete Book of Plant Propagation (published by Mitchell Beazley); Malcolm Hillier's Colour Garden; Creating a Wildlife Garden (Bob & Liz Gibbons); Geoff Hamilton's "Paradise Gardens" and "Practical Gardening Course" (Books and Videos), as well as various gardening magazines:The Garden (Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society ), Gardeners's World, Garden Answers,...

Regular Visits to Garden Centres

The Royal Horticultural Society's Headquarters (RHS)at Wisley...

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London Drama School Administrative Director, Michelle Newman

The London Language and Drama School, STAR TEK associates, Directors are: Michelle Newman, an experienced English lecturer and a professional actress, and

Sarah Mann, a professional Actor, Director, Producer. and a Trinity Guildhall Examiner.

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english course with gardening


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London language School English with Gardening Course Tutor in STAR TEK associates' greenhouse

One of the London Language School English with Gardening Course Tutors in STAR TEK associates' greenhouse

A London Language School's, STAR TEK associates, English with Gardening class

A London Language School student learning how to weed, plant, and mulch.

A London Language School's, STAR TEK associates, English with Gardening class

A London Language School's,STAR TEK associates, English with Gardening class

Some students enjoying a well-deserved rest or designing a border

Course outline
Course Content
1. Creative planting ideas
2. Colour through the year
1. Container gardening
2. Lawn care
3. Basic techniques
4. Problems and pests
1. Bedding & border plants
2. Bulbs, tubers, & rhizomes
3. Shrubs, trees & climbers
5. Fruit
6. Vegetables & herbs





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